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Khabab (Radiallaho Anho) Part.2

So what became of Umm Anmaar? She was afflicted with a grave illness, that no one knew what was the cause of it. She became mentally unstable and acted as if she was under attack. Her actions proved she clearly wasn’t in a sane state of mind. She started to suffer from severe headaches. “Her children sought everywhere for medical help until finally they were told that the only cure was to cauterize her head.”

Now let’s take a look at the definition of Cauterize and find out what it exactly means, shall we? Cautery is a medical term referring to the white-hot iron. The procedure was placing piece of metal was heated over fire and applied to the wound. This would cause tissues and blood to heat rapidly. It would stop the bleeding of the would and cause extensive tissue damage. SubhanAllah! Umm Anmaar received the very same torture she used to inflict Khabab (Radiallaho Anho) with. It was the only cure to stop her headaches.

Points of Benifet;

(a) Allah is Just and His punishment is severe to the wrongdoers.
(b) We should never think Allah is unaware of what they do (kuffar) but rather He is delaying their punishment until its most fitting.
(c) A believers duaa is always answered whether it may be in this Dunya or in Akrihah.
(d) We may be afflicted with hardship but it is nothing compared to the Prophets (Peace be upon them all) and the Sahabas (Radiallaho Anho) trials and tribulations.
(e) We learn the importance of Sabr (patience)
(f) The humility to treat others the way we want to be treated


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Women that recieved the Glad Tidings of Jennah

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Asalamu Alakyam Ramtuallahi Wa Barakahai,
MashAllah when I hear stories about the Sahabyat (Radi Allahu anhum) i’m in a state of awe. Wallahi they’re manners and they’re Taqwa would put us to shame. While these great women recieved glad tiding to Jennah and lived amongst the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam). Here in the West we look up to women who don’t even have a ounce of Imaan in their heart, it’s heartbreaking. SubhanAllah. In the hadith below it shows the strength of these great women(r).

Bukhari and Muslim report that Anas said:
“On the day of Uhud, when some of the people ran away from the Prophet (PBUH), Abu Talhah stood before the Prophet (Sallahu alaihi wa salam), defending him with a shield. Abu Talhah was a highly-skilled archer, and on that day he broke two or three bows. Whenever a man passed by who had a quiver full of arrows, he would say, `Give it to Abu Talhah.’ Whenever the Prophet of Allah (Sallahu alaihi wa salam) raised his head to see what was happening, Abu Talhah told him, `O Prophet of Allah, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you! Do not raise your head, lest an arrow strike you. May it hit my chest rather than yours.’ He [Anas] said: I saw `A’ishah bint Abi Bakr and Umm Sulaym, both of whom had tucked up their garments so that their anklets were visible. They were carrying waterskins on their backs and were pouring water into the mouths of the people. They would go back and fill the waterskins again, then come and pour water into the mouths of the people again. Abu Talhah’s sword fell from his hands two or three times because of exhaustion.”108

“What a noble deed these two great women did in quenching the thirst of the mujahidin in the midst of a raging battle and in the intense heat of the Hijaz climate. They were moving about the
battlefield, not caring about the falling arrows and clashing swords that surrounded them. (From the book The Ideal Muslimah).” -I strongly recommend it for both females and males. For women to aspire to be like them and males to desire a wife that have some of the characteristic of the Sahabyat(Radi Allahu anhum).

If there was any good in this note then it was from Allah and if there were any mistakes then it was from myself and the Shaytan. Indeed the most truthful speech is the Book of Allah, and the finest guidance is the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu alaihi wa salam).

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The bravest Sahabah Abu Dujana (Radiallaho Anho)

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Khahab ibn al-Aratt (Radiallaho Anho)

Stories of Sahabah:Khahab ibn al-Aratt (Radiallaho Anho) SubhanAllah the strength of his Imaan. If 20 Muslims were to take the place of him they wouldn’t have measured up to equal one tenth of the Taqwa he had. It’s clear to see that his conviction of Islam was embedded in his heart.

Khahab (Radiallaho Anho) went under excruciating pain but his Imaan was relentless. He became a victim of abuse and torment after he renounced the Idols that Umm Anmaar believed in. Once she saw the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam) speaking to Khahab (Radiallaho Anho) at his workshop and she flew into a blind rage. Every day after that, for several days, she went to Khahab’s (Radiallaho Anho) workshop and punished him by placing a redhot iron from the furnace on his head. The agony was unbearable and he often fainted.”

On the Authority of Qays Ibn Abi Hazim related Khahab Ibn al-Arrat, said,
“We complained to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace while he was using his cloak as a cushion in the shade of the Kabaa. We said to him, ‘Will you not ask for help for us? Will you not pray to Allah for us?

“He said, “There was a man among those before you for whom a ditch was dug in the earth and he was placed in it. Then a saw was brought and places on his head and he would be cut in two. He would be raked with iron combs which would remove his flesh from his bones or sinews, and that would not deter him from his deen. By Allah, this business will be complete so that a traveller can go from san’a to Hadramawt fearing only Allah, or the wolf for his sheep, but you are trying to hasten things. “ 6544 Sahih Bukhari
This man (Radiallaho Anho) was going under excruciating pain. He had a legitimate reason to complain to the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam). And subhanAllah the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam) answers verily you are men that are hasty. -Khahab (Radiallaho Anho) prayed for the punishment of Umm Anmaar and her brother. Soon after he was relieved from the torment of his oppressors. The Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam) gave permission for the Sahaba to migrate to Medina.

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