Dua transportation

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“In the name of Allah! I have placed faith in Allah and I have put full trust in Allah. (It is) as Allah wills! There is no strength and no power save with Allah”.

“O Allah! Protect me and protect what is with me (my possessions), and deliver me (to my destination and delivery what is with me the best of your delivery. By Allah I commence (my journey) and by Allah I seek to accomplish (the purpose of my journey) and by Muhammad (s.a.w.) I have set out (towards my destination). ‘O’ Allah make me overcome all (my grief); and make easy for me all difficulties; and give me more of goodness than I hope for; and keep away all evil of which I am apprehensive for my health.” “O the most Merciful”.

Bismillahi,aamantu billahi, wa tawakkaltu allallahi, ma-sha-allah, la haula wala quawwata illa billah. Allahumma ahadhni wahfadh ma ma`ee wa ballighnee wa balligh ma ma ma`ee bi blalaghikalhusn, billahi astaftihu wa billahi astanjihu wa bi muhammadin sallallahu alaiyhi wa aalihi atawajjahu. Allahukka sahhil lee kulla huzoonatin wa dhallil lee kulla huzoonatin wa dhallil lee kulla su`oobatin wa a`tinee mina khairi kullih akhtar mimma arju wasirf annee minash-sharri mimma uhad-diru fee aafi;yatin, ya arhamarrahimeen.


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A Believer Al-Haqqah

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